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Clumsiness: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Alexis Miller (2011)

In this diptych I represented a girl's struggle with her clumsiness. In the first photo I showed her inner struggle as she is preparing to give a speech. She is flustered and stumbling over the words because she cannot get the words exactly right. In the next photo her inner struggle becomes apparent to the outside world when she meets her boyfriend's parents for the first time. At their family dinner she gets flustered because she is under a lot of pressure to make a good first impression. Although she cracks under the pressure and starts fumbling with her words again, resulting in her spitting out a really offensive slur of words.

I used black and white to show the difference between the girl's world and the outside world. In the first photo the picture is all in color to show that even though the girl is in her own world, she still struggles with her speech. In the second I used black and white to show how the girl is in a completely separate world from her own, and how she fumbles with her words even more. The use of black and white is also suppose to show the rigidness of the boy's world and how unforgiving it is to clumsiness.
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