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Untitled: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jeanessa Roa (2011)

For my narrative diptych, I decided to go with neglect and depression as my internal conflict. My first photo depicts a girl and her boyfriend. Obviously happy, the girl is somewhat oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend doesn't pay any attention to her. When she realizes this aspect of her relationship, she is unsure what to do. My second picture is of the girl's point of no return as a result of her sadness and disbelief. The photo shows the girl holding a glass and reaching for a liquor bottle. Will she drink her depression away?

Picture one of my diptych has a very bright background. However, the couple are obviously in focus. The contrast of dark and light colors between the couple and background is to show how deceiving the girl's perspective was. Picture two has a light shining on three main points of the picture: the girl's hand reaching for the liquor, the glass in her hand and the actual bottle of alcohol. Everything else is dark, which is to represent the severity of what the girl is about to do.
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