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The Decision: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Kateryna Fomenko (2011)

For my narrative diptych I portrayed both an internal and external conflict of a very conceited girl dealing with fear. After witnessing a murder on the street, a very proud girl acquires a paranoia of being followed and deeply believes that she will be killed. However she cannot admit this fear to those around her because she has too much pride and cannot admit weakness. One night as she is lying in bed, she sees the door begin to creep open. This is the 'point of no return' because she must choose whether to run and call for help, and suffer a huge blow to her large ego, or assume it is just her housemate checking up on her, and suffer the consequences if it is not.

In my first photo, I portray the witnessing of the murder. This is portrayed through the fear and shock in the girls eyes, but also through lighting and mood of the photo; the lighting is very dark which creates a very ominous and scary mood. My second photo portrays the point of no return; the photo shows the first rays of light coming into the dark room. This creates a feeling of anticipation, to emphasize the pregnant pause where the girl must make up her mind as to what she will do next. Since the light is spreading quickly, the girl has very little time to make up her mind,which also adds to the intensity of the point of no return.
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