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When Can You Give Too Much?: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Kyle Fitz (2011)

The left frame of my diptych is showing a scene where a mother is packing away a lot of the food from the pantry and the refrigerator and sending them away in boxes. While the mother is packing away the food her son is sitting on the floor on the floor in a state of indifference wondering why his mother is doing this. The right frame of the diptych shows the son standing in front of an empty fridge at night looking for the food that his mother had sent away.

My artist statement is displaying a situation where a mother's altruism had reached a point where she has forgotten the basic necessities of her own child. The boy at this point in his life does not understand why his mother is doing this, that is why he goes back to the fridge at night to question why his mother had given everything away.
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