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Newly Married: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Lauren Amorese (2011)

This diptych depicts the internal conflict of a newly married couple: buy a house or start a family? On the left, the couple sits at their kitchen table looking at the Open Homes section of the newspaper. The photo on the right shows the couple's decision to start a family, because the man holds a baby in his arms and his wife is pregnant.

In the photo on the left, the man wears a nice polo shirt and the woman wears a dress and has a designer purse hanging off her chair, to show that the couple has money. The man is extending his arm toward the newspaper to draw the viewer's eye to its headline. There is nothing else on the table to represent how the couple is completely focused on the conflict of buying a home or starting a family. The right photo is framed with the man and baby in the shallow depth of field, because they represent the family's immediate future. The pregnant wife in the back is out of focus because the couple's future is also unclear. She is pregnant again to let the viewer know that the couple is happy with their decision to start a family even if it means postponing a new home.
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