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Untitled: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Michal Krupa (2011)

My diptych shows lack of courage. In the first photo, my character struggles with his weakness and fear as he dips foot into a pool. The first major manifestation of lacking courage to conquer problems is this fear of water. In the second photograph, the character has had his lunch knocked down. He is on his knees, collecting his things. His lack of courage manifests, and in the background of the shot we see the antagonist walking away.

As the character dips his foot into the pool, his fear of the unknown abyss manifests. I used a 1st person point of view in both shots, allowing the viewer to be immersed into the shot and have a deeper emotional connection to the character in the photo. I used a shallow depth of field to draw attention to the character, as the first thing the viewer needs to recognize is the run-in with the bully. Additionally, the shallow depth of field allows for a distorted view of the bully, which allows for the viewer to replace the antagonist with a bully anyone might encounter. The “point of no return” in this photo occurs when the bully walks away from the scene. By not confronting the bully, that internal issue of not having courage is shown manifesting.
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