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Untitled: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Neil Mallinar (2011)

My story is about a man who is lazy about everything in his life. He is very laconic and beats around the bush whenever he can, which causes him to be very messy and unprepared. He is applying for a job and has been called for an interview. The night before the interview he has a decision to make, prepare for the interview or spend his time relaxing and doing nothing. Eventually, in the second picture, he is at the point where he has a choice to either continue using his computer and then sleep or he can spend a little time folding his clothes to look more professional for his interview the next morning.

My first picture shows the lazy attitude of my character through his actions, where he is seen lying on a couch using his laptop. The characters lazy disposition is also emphasized through the messy couch in the background and the messy table which he keeps his magazines and other materials. The lighting of this is bright and warm to make the picture feel more comfortable and relaxing, which correlated with the lazy attitude of the character when faced with work. My second picture shows the point of no return because the clock is near bedtime and he is shown with a pile of clothes on his bed. Again, his laziness is emphasized by his messy table. Overall. the setting of the pictures is what most brings out the characters attitude and how he lives.
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