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Portrait of Wishful Thinking: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Parker Anderson (2011)

For my narrative diptych, I had to put two pictures next to each other displaying a character's internal and external traits. My character's internal conflict was his lack of confidence in himself. His external conflict was the fact that he doesn't like to meet new people. His internal conflict is a cause for his external conflict. He's always had the same friends his whole childhood, so he's never had to deal with his problem of meeting new people.

In my left image, my character is in high school, and he's with his best friend. He wanted to have a personal hang out with his best friend, but his best friend brought along one of his friends. My character doesn't like the girl's presence there, so this makes my character uncomfortable around both of them. This is why you can see he's standing away from them as they both have mindless fun on the computer.

In my right image, he's a little bit older in his beginning days of college. All previous friends he had before are gone now, and he has to meet new people if he wants any social interaction with anyone. He sees a group of people from his new school in a local eating place, and he's looking at them considering going to talk to them. The girl spots him looking, and he turns around as if he was never looking. This is his point of no return, as he has been caught now, and he has to do something about it. He doesn't want to walk away because it may make him look weird in their eyes, and it would ruin all chance he has at becoming their friend. Except, he doesn't want to approach them because of his internal and external conflicts.
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