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Conformity: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Sam Carmel (2011)

This is my Photo-Narrative. On the left you see a scared looking boy, cowering under a group of similar people. The boy is wearing a red shirt while the other two people (the group), are wearing black and white clothing. Next, on the left you see the same boy, now in black and white, burning his old red shirt. However, now he is alone.

First, the photo on the left represents the boy's constant need to fit in and conform to his surroundings. He is on the ground in the fetal position, to shoe he feels out of place and uncomfortable. I also had him wearing a red shirt while the other characters are in black and white, in order to set him apart from everyone else. Now on the right, he is in black and white burning the red shirt, to show that he has conformed and there is no turning back. However, he is now alone showing that conforming isn't the answer and has gotten him now where, as he is once again singled out and unique.
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