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Immaculate Disarray: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Sarah Vivoli (2011)

In my diptych I am depicting a character who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how her disorder inhibits her from pursuing relationships and committing to others. In the first picture, the girl is seen laying vertically on a white sheet that is covered in dirt except in the space right around her body. The second picture depicts the girls hand being held in the air a few inches away from a male's hand that is covered in dirt, as if they are going in to hold each other, with a draped maroon sheet as the background.

The dirt all over the white sheet represents how the girl is surrounded in her fears of germs and disorganization and is unable to feel liberated and at ease because her fears are present in all facets of her life. In the second picture, the dirt on the male's hands shows the point at which she is faced with the choice to pursue a romantic relationship with a boy who is trying to reach out to her, which is represented by the space/disconnection in between the hands, but must overcome her fear in order to do so. The high contrast, dark colors, and defined shadows in both of these pictures portrays a sorrowful, hopeless tone.
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