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Indecision: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Sophie Ho (2011)

It plagues her, this indecision. She had gone through her entire life struggling to make decisions. Until this point however, it never hurt her; it was always a trivial experience. From deciding what cereal to buy to what clothes to wear, she could never make a decision easily. But then he comes along-bright, mature, and happy. She thinks she's in love, while he knows that he is. As they stroll along during the autumn day, he looks ahead and casually holds his hand out for her to hold. And in that motion, she is once again hit by indecision. Questions flood into her mind- does she love him? Is this worth it? Why was she doing this? And as she cautiously stretches out her palm, a million emotions run over her face.

This character's indecision rules her life, and it's finally made her come to a decision point. In the picture to the left, the character's conflict is shown through her indecision to pick a cereal. The bright, sterile feel conveys an isolated feel, and her expression shows discontent. The next picture shows her boyfriend holding out his hand, as she cautiously reaches forward. Her confused face shows her jumbled feelings. The gentle light and the display of brightness at the end of their path represent the possible happiness she can have if she just makes a decision.
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