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Enclosed: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Tara Swan (2011)

For my diptych, I went along with the story line about a girl who has a hard time of trusting others. For the certain story line, she can't trust giving her heart to others so she keeps her heart enclosed so no one can hurt her. In my first picture, I chose to show this by having the girl looking at her heart, which is gray and dark, in a jar with tear drops inside. This is supposed to show her problem with trusting others by showing the character in a more silent alone setting with no one else around.

In the second picture, it shows her act and point of no return as she hands over her heart to someone else and having to trust this person. The heart is shown as now bright and the center of attention in the picture sitting in the other person's hands along with the “tears”. The bottle in the background is forgotten for now as the character learns how to open to others and learn to trust. The two matching bracelets show how the main character's bracelet is dimmer and less colored while the other bracelet is brighter and shows a “brighter” future for the main character. Whether in a relationship or with friendship. The girl starts to break free of her comfort zone and starts to trust again.
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