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Gaze: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Zachary Williams (2011)

In my first picture a little girl is gazing at a vividly beautiful tree. She is contemplating what she wants to pursue in life. Behind her a soccer game takes place. The teams sport red and yellow jerseys. The sun gives the green grass an angelic glow. The tree has red, yellow, and green leaves. In the second picture a solitary soccer ball lays next to the side net of a goal.

In the first picture the girl is gazing at the tree. She thinks it's incredibly beautiful. Yet ironically enough the leaves that are so entrancing to her are the same vibrant colors as the soccer teams behind her that she finds so unappealing. This shows how people don't appreciate beauty in simplicity.

The second picture symbolizes the girls decision. To return to the one thing that she missed in the beginning. Her appreciation for the sport finally has developed. I also wanted to toy with the idea that some things are meant to be and that fate cannot be outran.
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