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Interruptions: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Camille Siegel (2011)

My photo narrative is about a man who, after receiving a wedding invitation to his ex-girlfriends wedding, realizes he made a mistake in breaking up with her a couple years before. The last chance he has to tell her this is during her wedding ceremony. The two halves of the photo depict first the internal conflict he struggles with, and then the action taken as a result of that conflict.

In the first photo, the protagonist struggles with how to tell his ex that he still loves her. He looks longingly at a photo of the two of them several years earlier, before they split up. In the background, a calendar marks that the wedding is that day, while the clock displaying 2:40 shows how he is loosing sleep over the issue. The second photo shows the call to action, as he interrupts the wedding to express his feelings for the bride. In the background, the bride, groom, and priest stare, taken aback.
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