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Love Struck: A Senior Comic Strip by Courtney Coffman (2013)

To initiate the Narrative Unit, we wrote a story in multiple perspectives in English class. The comic you see before you is an important beat, or moment, in the story that captures a climaxing point. An ode to shy people, Peach is going through the ever complex situation of falling in love, yet has trouble communicating. As loneliness sinks in, she attempts to gain advice from a friend, and the comic ends with Peach deciding to take a stand, reinforced by the changing tones.

This story didn't actually spawn from any real life experiences, but instead out of a curiosity for how shyness can curb one's choices. Why birds? People feel more comfortable letting their guard down to cartoon birds then realistic human figures, and therefore are more inclined to find similarities between the story and their lives.
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