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Boxed: A Narrative Character Portrait by Alexander Paulsen (2014)

My character's name is Austin Greene. Austin is a teenager who doesn't get out much, he stays inside all day playing video games, leading a sedentary lifestyle. While going to his friend's house to play a new video game, he is forced to ride his bike when his car doesn't start. While riding, he has a near collision with another car because he is looking at his phone while cycling. He then realizes he must pay attention to the world around him, not be so focused in the digital world.

In my composition, Austin is looking directly into the camera lens, as if it were the TV screen. His eye brows are slightly frowned to create an intense and focused feeling. The light hits his face sharply to had to the focused feeling. Wires around his feet represent the control that electronics have on his life, and how it is restricting him from experiencing other things. He is dressed in pajamas to depict his lazy lifestyle, as does the trash on the ground. The mic connected to the controller builds on his focus level to the game.
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