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The Promotion: A Narrative Character Portrait by Kiyoshi Taylor (2014)

The character I used in my character portrait is named DWhite. He's based off the character I created in my flash fiction that I wrote in English. The name of the story was The Promotion. In it an employee at a Drug Mart works extremely hard to become the head manager of the store. Leading up to the promotion DWhite was very determined to succeed by working harder than he ever did before at that job. In the picture he's preparing a shirt to be put on display. I had him hold the shirt in a way to show that he's using a lot of care, so the quality of his product is presentable. The look on my actors face was supposed to convey a sense of pride and determination. I wanted to show him working because it shows his dream better than if he were sitting around wondering if he actually got the job. I didn't want my actor to be wearing anything to former because its a simple job and that he was still a lower ranked staff member.
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