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Chameleon: A Narrative Character Portrait by Kyle Knochenhauer (2014)

My Character Portrait shows my character, Tyler Montgomery, in a nutshell. Tyler the joys of a social life over the hard work of school, and thus, Tyler's performance in school is less than satisfactory. However, few people are aware that Tyler is very smart, and wants to be able to apply himself, but is afraid that his reputation will be shattered. When Tyler was in middle school, he started realizing the social hierarchy of school, and understood that he wanted to be at the top of the ''food chain''. He had to sacrifice a lot of things to become one of the popular people on campus, but in the end of the story, Tyler realizes that it is better to stay true to ones beliefs than try and be someone you aren't.

The crumpled up paper shows how Tyler feels towards his school work. As he is throwing the paper behind him, he is looking at his phone, this shows how he would rather focus on his friends than his schoolwork.
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