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Elder in the Mansion: A Narrative Character Portrait by Maxwell Evans (2014)

The character in my self-portrait is called Eugene, even though his name isn't really important. In the story, he is an old man who lives all alone in an extremely large house very far from civilization. He walks with a cane everywhere he goes, and he always has a large hunch-back. His hair is quite obviously grey, along with his unkempt beard. He wears a red, plaid, button-down shirt with jeans combined with a belt. He rarely smiles, and always has a look of thinking on his face, as if he is constantly thinking about his mysterious past.

The shot of the character is very early in the story, where he is sitting in his bedroom, reading a very large book. Outside, it is pouring rain, so he is quite obviously surprised when he hears the doorbell ring. He rests the book down on the table next to him, and he reaches for his cane. The shot of the picture is right when he gets up from his chair to see who it is at the door. He grabs his cane, hoists himself up into standing position, and begins to walk towards his front door.
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