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Aspyn Grey: A Narrative Character Portrait by Rachel Michaels (2014)

My character's name is Aspyn Grey, who is a teenage girl about to go to prom with all of her friends. Just as she's wrapping up the process of getting ready, she receives a call from her friend who has just acquired two front row tickets to their favorite band's concert that night...the same night as prom! Aspyn is put in a very fortunate yet difficult situation as she must choose which of the two she will attend.

To compose my photograph, I used a three-point lighting technique I learned in Design class. Reflecting on the majority of photographs I've seen, many have their subject off to the left hand side which utilizes the negative space on the right hand side. I decided to go against the norm and put my subject on the right hand side of the photograph, with the negative space on the left hand side. This modern composition also adequately portrays a deep contrast between the character's cobalt blue dress and the black background, bringing her excitement to life.
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