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Fame: A Narrative Character Portrait by Cameron Conway (2015)

The name of my character is Christopher. He is a struggling artist in San Francisco who is trying to get his work published in a magazine, but no one will publish it. At this point in the story, Christopher has just left the building of his favorite magazine. He was there to show the publisher one of his paintings in hopes that they would put it in their next magazine, but he was rejected and told to leave. On his way home, he saw an open wall and decided that he did not care about the magazine denying him; he just wanted to paint. This picture was taken as Christopher was painting graffiti on the wall and saw a police officer come up behind him.

I captured the shot by having my model, Drew, wear nice business clothes that he would have worn to the magazine interview. I had him untuck one side of his pants to represent one side of him as an artist, compared to his other side as a businessman. He is holding a paintbrush because he is posing like he is painting on a wall. He is not wearing makeup because he is supposed to look like a normal person who actually has a hidden talent. I arranged the lights to make him look bright and stand out against the background, because the picture represents the moment when he is caught by the police. It is supposed to have a ''deer-in-headlights'' kind of look. I did not encounter any problems while taking this shot, and Drew was a great model who knew exactly how to portray the character that I wanted.
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