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Lost: A Narrative Character Portrait by Drew Garvey (2015)

Bailey is a 41 year old women living alone who has gotten fed up with her lonely life. She is trying very hard to meet new people and make human contact, however she continues to fail. Although she goes to the park, goes on walks, and waves to strangers, she is still unsuccessful at obtaining a relationship because of her displacement in society that her lonely life has imposed on her. In the photograph, I captured Bailey thinking about her awful life and how close she is to giving up. The photograph expresses her emotions through her facial expressions, the photograph color, and her head placement.

Unfortunately, I captured the shot without tethering the photo because of some technical difficulties. I used three point lighting to establish a clear focal point without emphasizing on the background. I also applied the rule of thirds for good visual tension. I had my character wear minimal makeup illustrate her age. Over the course of the photoshoot I encountered a few problems that got in the way of my final product, however I did my best to overcome these obstacles and reach my full potential. I had to shoot with extra light and adjust many of the settings on the camera because the tethering was not working. Therefore, once I completed shooting, I used Photoshop to fix that problem. I added curves, cropped the photo, applied the spot healing brush, and created a vignette to compose the final product.
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