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Fate is in your Hands: A Narrative Character Portrait by Edgar Saadi (2015)

My Narrative portrait conveys the point of my story's main character, that his fate is in his hands. This is represented by the dice in his hands in the portrait. Behind him lurks and agent of the FBE, out to catch anyone who may appear different than the rest. I wanted the light to mainly focus on the protagonist, but at the same time cast shadows on the antagonist to really reveal that lurking nature of the antagonists in the story. The brightest part in the piece is focused on the dice, to further symbolize how the protagonist's fate rests in his hands.

I used 3 point lighting to help show the true nature of what I was trying to capture in my photo. The light conveys a much larger meaning than actions or poses from a character can. The backlight was used in a way to get much more light on my protagonist, rather than my antagonist. This was done to portray the evil nature of the antagonist. The protagonist claims the majority of the light, giving him a very ‘hero looking' pose.
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