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Flash: A Narrative Character Portrait by Emma Paige (2015)

My character is Jill Stewart. Jill is a girl with a fiery passion and attitude that goes along with her fiery red hair. Her story is that she comes from a very strict family, whose parents are both doctors, who want her to follow in their footsteps. Jill sneaks out at night to go to her secret escape (an abandoned warehouse) to follow her dreams of becoming a photographer (which her parents disapprove of). The time that I captured in this photo was her sitting on her bed, right before she sneaks out. She is wishing she could pursue her dreams of becoming a photographer, this is depicted by her staring at her camera.

I captured my shot in the Freestyle photo studio. I used three point lighting to created the shadows and effects I wanted in the photograph. The props I used were a camera, a blue sweatshirt, a pair of white shoes, a bed sheet, and a pillow. I used the blue sweatshirt and shoes because these things are what I envisioned my character to be wearing. I used bed sheets and pillows to depict that she is in her room before she sneaks out. I chose to have her holding a camera to represent her passion for photography. The camera angle I chose was from slightly above so that the viewer could see my character and all the props in the photo. I did not use any makeup because I wanted her to have a natural look. One of the main problems I encountered was the lighting. The lighting was not strong enough initially, so my model appear clearly when I took the picture. I got around this problem by turning up the intensity of the lights.
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