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Bored: A Narrative Character Portrait by Felix Nordmark (2015)

My character goes by the name of Aage Møller, he has recently immigrated to the United States from the Faroe Islands. He has made no friends since his arrival and has a rather boring job sorting papers at a law firm. This is the moment I have captured. Sitting at a desk in a conference room with no one around just sorting and marking papers, a painfully boring experience.

The shot was rather simple to capture as it's a pretty typical profile portrait. The shot was taken from slightly above the subject to try to confine him in the frame. The props are a whole bunch of papers taken out of a manual and some basic desk supplies and toys. The most difficult part of capturing the shot was getting the depth of field I desired which required using a decently long telephoto lens (100mm). At the same time, attempting to get the exposure to be how I wanted it turned out to be rather challenging as the camera used had a lower dynamic range than I was used to. The fix to this was just a little bit of fiddling with the flash brightness and exposure.
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