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Untitled: A Narrative Character Portrait by Isabel Guerrero-Lubarsky (2015)

The character from my graphic novel was the mother character, which is the protagonist. Outwards she is a very stern lady, but still loves her daughter very much. The character may have trouble conveying that, but through the actions of the mother, she is later able to figure out how to show her feelings. The usage of the ribbon in my photo shoot is to symbolize the daughter, in my story the ribbon is confiscated because the girl is defyant of her mother. What I choose to do in my photo shoot is to have the sternness of the mother come across, but also the factors for the mothers decisions in the story is important. She is symbolized by the ribbon, where her daughter is present. The box and ribbon symbolize the bird, which is the reason the ribbon is confiscated.

In my photo shoot, I experimented with several poses at different angles. Most consisted of her holding at least the ribbon. In some she has a softer expression, and holds the ribbon against her face, some she has a stern expression and others she is looking at the objects. I also experimented placing the camera at closer angle to the actor, but the picture is from the waist up. I also chose all objects to show all the conflicts of the story. There is minimal make up on my actor, I just added some browness under her eyes so that she had dark circles under her eyes. I had trouble finding a dress for my character. I wanted something fairly similar to the dress that I drew my character wearing, a dark dress which buttoned down. I found something close to what I wanted my character to wear at the Goodwill.
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