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John Miller: A Narrative Character Portrait by Jack Tomkins (2015)

John Miller is a middle age man, who has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and is average height. John lived in a bad neighborhood where there was a lot of gang violence and crime. John wanted a better life for himself and his mother and in high school he threw himself into his school work. John fought through adversity to become one of the richest and most successful men in the world. After finishing college John went to graduate school to get a degree in business. After finishing grad school John and a couple friends set up a business that slowly became one of the most dominant tech companies in the industry. After becoming a multimillionaire in his early twenties, John sold his stocks in the company he helped build and created his own company. As well as wanting to create his own company, John discovered that part of his paycheck and stocks were being stolen by one of his friends in the company. After a couple of years his business became even better than the company that he helped set up with his friends and after dominating the tech market it forced his friends' business to go bankrupt. This event caused his friends to become his enemies. I have captured the moment in which he is being interviewed and photographed by the Times magazine about the success of his company.

The camera angle I used to create my final Portrait image was from a mid body angle, in which you only see half of his leg to his head. The props I used during my Portrait assignment included a phone, a chair blue chair which I covered with a black cloth and a blue suit. For this assignment we had the option to use makeup, I did not use any because my character wants to be portrayed as a down to earth kind of person and not the intimidating business man he is said to be. A problem I had was that some of the lights weren't working which made it hard to achieve the effect that I wanted. I solved this problem by doing the best I could do in the studio and then fix it in Photoshop after I finished shooting.
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