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Narrative Character Portrait: A Narrative Character Portrait by Jessica Makower (2015)

My character is Dylan Hale and he wants to become a professional boxer. Dylan struggles in getting his mother to accept his dream. He decides that if he is ever going to accomplish what he wants in life, he is going to have to do it behind his mothers back. The moment I decided to capture in this photograph, is when Dylan is practicing for a big boxing match.

I wanted the shot to be dark, so I decided to use a black background. I also told my model to put on his hood so half of his face is darker than the other and put some water on his face to make it seem as though he had been practicing for a while. When I was shooting, it was hard to position my model correctly to get what I wanted out of the photo. I decided to make my model look right into the camera to make the viewer see the determination in his eyes.
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