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Narrative Character Portrait: A Narrative Character Portrait by Kayli Bailey (2015)

My character in the story is a mischievous boy named Peter. He has a passion for music that he uses to express himself and relax himself. He gets in trouble in school for drumming on desks.

I captured that shot using the lighting to brighten my character and had them make expressions of happiness and bliss, completely concentrated on the thing they love ; drumming. I chose the color of red as the background because red is a color that symbolizes passion, and expressiveness. I positioned my character to be looking both off into his happiness and into him drumsticks, I had him sitting as to look comfortable, and positioned slightly to the side to let the light hit him at a better angle. I had problems in finding which positions looked most comfortable and way to hold the drumsticks, we tried flipping them in the air but it ended up disappearing in the photos. The drumsticks and some headphones were the only props I had used. I used Photoshop to put a vignette on the photo and used curves, and brightness and contrast to adjust the shadows and colors, making them a bit brighter.
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