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The Foreigner: A Narrative Character Portrait by Kirill Zubaryev (2015)

My character is a immigrant from a foreign country, who doesn't speak any English and is having a hard time fitting in. She has a hard time understanding English and prefers to do everything she can in her primary language, whenever she does any work she first has to do it in her primary language (Russian) and then slowly translate it into English. I had my character sit on a chair and read a book in Russian while having her feet up on a pile of English books because I feel it shows that she doesn't care much for the English books because she doesn't understand them. She would rather read a book in Russian because she is easily able to follow the story and gets more entertainment out of it and because for her Russian is more important than English and because she is knows Russian much better.

I used my sister for this project because she best suits my character, she is young and shows lots of emotion. One of my greatest challenges was making her stand in the proper pose for the photo because she always wanted to do her own thing and had a hard time staying still. I had very few issues with the technical aspect, the lights were easily set up and were quickly fine tuned for the proper shot. I wanted to have a soft tone surround my character because I feel that it attracts the viewers attention to the character and her immediate surroundings. Overall it was fairly easy for me to get what I needed because I am fairly experienced when it comes to taking photos and using the camera and I had full cooperation of my subject.
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