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Jay Talisman: A Narrative Character Portrait by Nicolas Faurot (2015)

My character was Jay Talisman, in my story he is represented by a lonely blue jay. Throughout the narrative Jay is stuck in a crisis and ends up lost and unable to decide what to do. The moment of complete helplessness and confusion is what I wanted to capture. I knew I wanted a light background to almost make it seem like he was lost in his own imagination surrounded by an endless sea of nothingness. The angle was very direct to focus Jay himself, and as for props I used a few.

The first thing I added was have my model re-button his shirt to make it look almost as if he was hungover, the buttons all off place and a belt wrapped around his head. The reason for this is because nothing shows confusion and frustration more ''elegantly'' than a hangover, when the person wakes up with no clue where they are a terrible headache and tons of regret. The main issue I faced was making the background as bright as I wanted, in Photoshop I was able to add filters and the dodge tool to help create more of a blue from what was before yellowish.
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