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Pride of Belonging: A Narrative Character Portrait by Niles Lee (2015)

In this story my character doesn't have a name to make him more relatable to more people, but with that said he's an Asian-American boy who just turned 18. His parents put a lot of pressure on him to be successful in school and go to a well-named College. and his main goal is for his parents to be happy of his achievements and be proud of him, but he is average in school and doesn't have any real world talents. So after a chance meet with an Army recruiter he decides to join the Army and earn the title. In this photo my character first gets his Army Uniform because he just completed boot camp. He feels proud that he was able to overcome the physical and mental challenges. But he's also proud that his parents can look at him and be proud of their son's achievements.

One of only problems that I had was when I preparing for this shot and getting a Uniform. In the original story my character becomes a Marine, because Marines are the best branch of Armed Services, and also train the hardest. I wanted my character to be wearing a Marine's Dress Blue uniform but since I was unable to get a uniform I had to use my uncle's Army uniform.
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