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An Unwritten Theory: A Narrative Character Portrait by Nolan Rudolph (2015)

In my story, a young adult named Lunbridge wanted to get away from all his troubles and live in the forest for a weekend. However, while he was there he encountered a sweet smelling scent and followed it to a beautiful woman. Once he enters her house, he discovers the reason why this girl is all alone. There had been many previous men there before him, but none had come out alive (metaphorically). In the photo I took, I was trying to show his ignorance towards danger and his compassion for everyone in the world. I tried to set a sort of mellow yet depressing mood by giving the viewer the impression that the sun is slowly coming down.

In my picture, I had my friend relaxing as if he possessed no troubles, with a grin on his face to hint a bit of ignorance. I shined the lights on the right side brighter than the left in order to make the sun seem as if it were just coming down from the right side. My intent for this picture was to show a mellow yet depressing mood, so I used black wall paper to give off a depressing/anxiety building vibe. I had my model hold a newspaper while he was laying down to show how he's not paying attention to any worries. The newspapers also played a huge role in the storyline, so it felt appropriate to incorporate it into my photo.
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