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Jasper: A Narrative Character Portrait by Peter Coish (2015)

Jasper is an awkward guy who is very lonely and has a magic power to make people ''disappear''. Having no friends, he spends his time perfecting his love of drawing. Jasper does many quirky things like talking to his teddy bear and befriending inanimate objects. In my story, Jasper is trying to find a human friend. In the beginning we can see him making awkward conversation with his teddy bear. He draws, then shows his bear his picture and the process goes on. What eventually ends up happening is that Jasper is no longer satisfied with his teddy bear because of its lack of response to his art. Very violently Jasper draws the teddy bear and rips the page out of the book causing the bear to disappear.

In my picture we see Jasper showing his teddy bear the drawing he has just made. However, because the bear is inanimate we see a blank expression which does not satisfy jaspers need for approval with his drawing. While editing this picture, I lightened the background so that his jacket did not blend into the background. Another technique I used was to put an extremely faint glow around Jasper and the bear this makes the two look more as if they are popping off the background. Lastly, I removed small irritating folds in the backdrop. I had a lot of problems with the studio so I made do with what i could.. In the end I would say I am proud of what I got out of the bad situation.
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