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Aisha Chadda: A Narrative Character Portrait by Radhika Gupta (2015)

My character's name is Aisha Chadda. She is an innocent 11 year old girl with a single mother who only wants the best for her. Aisha is a very loving and accepting child who is rarely found without a smile on her face. My story revolves around Aisha seeing her estranged father with his new family at the park and her reaction to that. I captured her at the park right before she sees her father.

I used the studio at Freestyle to shoot this photo. I used three lights (a keylight, backlight, and a fill light) to get good lighting for my character. Unfortunately the strobe lights weren't working so my photo came out a little dark and grainy. To try and fix this, I moved the lights closer to my model which helped but didn't fix the problem. I wanted to make her seem childlike so I gave her pigtails and a teddy bear. I used a blue background to give the impression of being outside. I also tried to have relatively soft lighting on her to give the photo a feeling of innocence.
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