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A Valiant Scientists: A Narrative Character Portrait by Sean Baker (2015)

My narrative character was Justin Palaces. He is a scientists based in the not so distant future, his role is to save the world. There's a certain type of bacteria infecting all of our important food sources that needs to be dealt with. Justin is the man for this job. He gets up each morning and commutes to work at Stanford Science Facilities. But, in my story, one morning he gets up and looks at the newspaper, and sees the world only has fifty days of food left before everyone will go hungry. He rushes to his lab where he defeats the bacteria and saves the world. My picture captures Justin studying his results on the historic experiment that will save the world.

To capture my photo, my model Garrett and I had to improvise a lot because, when we went into the studio the flash for the camera was broken. This changed my camera angles and lighting quite a bit. For the lighting, I had to make sure everything in the room was bright enough to see with the handicap of no flash. By the end, the lighting worked out well because scientific labs are usually very bright to see experiments well in real life. As for the camera angle, I put the camera pointing at my model's upper torso area where he is holding a folder of his results. The only props I used were a lab coat and a folder to be the results.
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