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Narrative Character Portrait: A Narrative Character Portrait by Zipporah Alcaraz (2015)

Sophia Jones is a lonely, bored, determined teenager looking for something to brighten up her life. Tired of all the stress and work from school, she yearns for a chance to be distracted and have fun. One day at school, expecting to experience another full-fledged day of lame lectures and monotonous class work, she runs into the most beautiful boy that she had ever seen! What more of a distraction could a boy be? Throughout the rest of the day she tries to pursue him in attempts to gain his attention, so inevitably the scene I decided to capture is when she sees the cute boy for the first time.

Since my character Sophia, is a regular teenage girl, I had my model Kylie, add a little bit of makeup and wear something really cute. I wanted to capture her as if she was checking out a boy that she liked, so I shot her at an angle to create more length and asked her to look away from the camera. Some problems I encountered were how to properly place the lights on my model, and to get them working. It took awhile, but after several shots, I eventually got the lighting that I wanted. Once I finished my shoot, I edited the picture in Photoshop to add a vignette, and retouch my photo.
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