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Out on a Limb: A Junior Conceptual Project by Aava Salehi (2015)

I will explore the feeling of worry through the experience of taking risks. For my fine art medium I used water color to paint trees branching off from the corner of the page and for my digital portion I used Illustrator to create a heartbeat monitor. The background of the heartbeat monitor is a black and red gradient and the monitor itself is a gradient from red to yellow. Since I chose these colors for my digital piece, I decided to continue my use of primary colors within my fine art piece by making the tree blue.

Integrating the the tree and the heartbeat monitor is what brings together the worry and the risks. When I thought of taking risks, I connected it to "going out on a limb," which brought me to the idea of a tree and its branches. I created the heartbeat monitor as a metaphor for the rush of worry going through your veins when you take a risk. The branches of the tree ended up a little messy and I was worrying about the looks, but I decided to take in the whole of my statement and take a risk by not making every branch perfect. Although not perfecting the piece worried me, I realized it fully depicts what my statement is all about.
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