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Untitled: A Junior Conceptual Project by Isabel Guerrero-Lubarsky (2015)

The concept I explored for my conceptual art was "[t]he feeling of paranoia through the experience of accepting others who are different." The fine art medium I used was colored pencil. I used this to create my tunnel that is blocked by caution tape. I drew arced lines and this created an illusion of it going deeper. In Illustrator I created the side railing, and the caution tape. I made two different art brushes. The purpose of the two brushes was to create dimension in the cave. This also was easier than creating individual caution tape. The side railing was the first thing I made. I used the pen tool and then filled it with a gradient. The side poles that "held" the railing were harder because I had to change the placement of the gradient. The trees were also made by the pen tool and filling them in. I then moved what I did into Photoshop. I used the brushes in Photoshop to create the little characters, and also to put the grass on the ground and leaves in the tree. I used the airbrush tool to brush black over half of it. Then I went to the very last layer to create the background. I layered a gradient, then I put a solid grey square on top. Each layer was at a 50% opacity. I then went over with a brush that had a spots.

I based my conceptual art off of events that happened when I was little. I used to sit alone, and that is what the lonely character is doing. The pink person is accepting the darker person. I would try to be stand-offish so people would stay away from me. This is what the tunnel and caution tape represent--the person's inner emotions. The pink character combats that and fights through the scary tunnel and reaches out to the lonely character. The surrounding environment is from the dark character’s point of view--half is colorful but half is dead. There is also an ominous black mist. I wanted my conceptual art to be personal.
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