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Excitement through Meditation: A Junior Conceptual Project by Jessica Makower (2015)

I am exploring the feeling excitement through the experience of meditation. When figuring out what to make my piece, I had trouble thinking of ideas because of how opposite these two things are. When I think of excitement I think of bright colors and happiness. From there I thought of rainbows and I remembered that if you shine light through a prism it will create a rain box. In my piece the prism represents meditation and the plain light represents the a normal everyday state of mind. As the light goes through the meditative prism It becomes something exciting and happy and it turns into a rainbow. I put a buddha on the prism because when I think of meditation i think of buddhas.

I painted the rainbow with acrylics. I drew the prism with pencils. I scanned in the painting and drawing into the computer. On photoshop I smudged the painting of the rainbow to make it look smoother. I also made my background dark blue to show a darker not as exciting state. In illustrator drew the Buddha and the light beam.
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