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The Impatient Mother: A Junior Conceptual Project by Kirill Zubaryev (2015)

This project started out in our English class when we had to pick an artist statement that would then dictate the future of our project in that class and in two others. My artist statement is "I am experiencing the feeling of impatience through the experience of watching children play". My sister loves playing on playgrounds, and she always takes her time, but my mom is always telling my sister to hurry up because we have to go home and my sister has homework to do. The clouds in the photo are supposed to symbolize the innocence of a child and the blurry/shaky photo is supposed to symbolize the impatience of the center character. I created the clouds using pastels and I then carefully rubbed them in to make them softer. I then proceeded to take multiple photos, one of my mom sitting on a bench at the playground, and then 4 of the playground and after taking each photo I would move the camera slightly to the left or right. After taking all the photos and making my drawing, I had to scan in my drawing in Photoshop, and I then proceeded to make my work. First thing I had to do was create the blurry photo, I then proceeded to put my mom onto the bench so that she is not blurry but the background is. After that was done I had to put the clouds on top. Once everything had been put together, I had to edit the photo so that the coloring of all the layers blended in with each other so it looks more realistic. Looking back on the project, the most time consuming part of the project was making the clouds, since I had to redo them multiple times because they didn’t look realistic enough.
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