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Conceptual Art: A Junior Conceptual Project by Mica Carroll-Muñoz (2015)

My Piece was inspired by the conceptual statement I chose in English class which was, "I am exploring the feeling of surprise/shock through the experience of writing poetry." In my conceptual piece, there is a hand in front of an array of colored lines and writing. The hand is symbolic of creativity and the creative process as a whole, as it represents humanity whilst also representing human creation with one’s hands. The lines and figures that emanate outwards from the hand symbolize the surprise and excitement one can feel during the creative process. The writing in the background and the paper-ish look of the fine art illustrations are representative of the physical look of a poem. The gradient behind the hand is allows the viewer to focus on the hand and what it symbolizes. The fine art aspects of my piece include the drawn hand figure and the combined watercolored and drawn background. I then scanned them and used Adobe Illustrator in order to add digital media. I enjoyed creating this piece very much, especially the fine art portions of the process. I found it difficult to integrate digital media once I was satisfied with my project, but still had not met the digital media requirements. Overall I enjoyed the assignment.
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