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Distant Paths: A Junior Conceptual Project by Sean Baker (2015)

The way I explored this feeling was by creating a piece of art incorporating both a physical painting along with digital photos being melded together into one piece. My picture is an overview of a valley with a freeway running through the center. You can see the freeway in the corner of the frame. The freeway represents travelling to a new place, leading off into the distance. The freeway turns around a bend giving the art piece a feeling of unknowingness as well. This goes along with depression. I took out the sky portion of the photo and added in my physical art piece. For the physical piece I used the medium of watercolor. This was my first choice of a medium because it was easy to work with and it gave me a blended colors look. I started by drawing a swirl of purple, then a swirl of black, and continued swirling purple and black together while adding more and more water to create lighter and lighter colors. The physical art piece represents the feeling of being depressed and getting sucked into vortex of darkness. I scanned the piece and cut it into my photo.
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