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Sanguinariis: A Junior Conceptual Project by Sierra Kerr (2015)

I will be exploring the feeling of disgust through the experience of loss. The fine art mediums I used was both acrylic and spraypaint for the background, and my digital mediums were drawings in photoshop. My original plan was to use animal blood, however I was unable to get that in time for the due date.

The subjects of my pictures were the voodoo dolls in the corners, the bottom right one being the one that was "lost". The reason why I chose dolls was because dolls both provided ambiguity to the subject’s identity, as well as provided an almost childlike aspect to the piece, suggesting the death of one. Voodoo dolls were used as the model because they are often tied with needles, as well as add one other level of creepiness to it. The white was used both as a contrast from the reds and blacks I had used, as well as draw attention to the doll in the corner, and red was used to represent blood, suggesting that whatever was lost was through violent means.
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