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Conceptual Artist Statement: A Junior Conceptual Project by Talya Abkowitz (2015)

My concept statement is: I am exploring the feeling of eagerness through the search for companionship. For this piece, I was trying to show eagerness by using the red-orange color scheme. When I think of eagerness, personally, I think of red and orange. For the fine art part of my piece, I used watercolors to make a combination of the two colors. This painting served as the background for my photographs. For my digital medium I photographed a lock and key. Then using Adobe Photoshop, I traced the lock and key and put them into my Adobe Illustrator file. I pasted the images on top of my painting in Adobe Illustrator. I then placed drop shadows on the images to make them pop out of the background a little more.

The background explains the first half of my statement; I am exploring the feeling of eagerness. As I mentioned, the orange and red color scheme shows eagerness. I thought of many ways to explain the idea of the ‘search for companionship’. I eventually came to the idea that a lock and key both search for each other and they both need each other. By placing the images of a lock and key on top of the painted orange and red background I was showing that the lock and key were eagerly searching for each other.
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