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Hate the System: A Junior Conceptual Project by Brandon Tse (2015)

My conceptual statement is hatred through managing responsibilities. I interpreted the statement as hatred through managing being someone else. Masking yourself to fit into society is most definitely a responsibility. Masking yourself then led to confining to gender stereotypes, which is also a responsibility. Being girly, wearing make up, and being cute are gender stereotypes for girls and my piece is showing a strong resistance to it.

For the background, I had the idea of using magazine pages because magazine models are unnaturally beautiful and make everyone else feel bad about themselves. I also feel that what you see in magazines is what society defines as an "ideal woman". Buy this to become attractive! Ha. No. So I just tore pages out of a fashion magazine and glued them to a board. On top of that, using Photoshop, I put in a dress I burned to show opposition or resistance to my issue. I chose a white dress to burn because of the illusion of girls being pure. In Adobe Illustrator, I colored over the entire thing with a red brush because in my mind, red is represents anger and hatred very well. I also threw in some eyes to show that society watches over and judges us and all our actions. But despite this, I will break gender norms and stereotypes.
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