Freestyle Academy proudly presents

Conceptual Art: A Junior Conceptual Project by Cameron Conway (2015)

For the conceptual project at Freestyle, my concept statement was "sympathy through flying". After thinking about it for a week, I decided that purple and yellow were good colors to represent sympathy. I put a white flower in a bowl of water to show that when someone has sympathy for someone else, they often give too much of themselves to the other person. I dripped purple and yellow dyed water onto the white petals to show that beautiful and innocent things get damaged in life, but people still see the beauty and want to fix them. There is way more water than necessary for the flower to live, but it is missing the other things that flowers need to live, like soil, so no matter how much water there is, the flower will still die because it doesn’t have everything it needs. This represents how even all of the sympathy in the world can’t fix some problems if sympathy isn’t what is required. Pain is represented by the purple and yellow dye, and it ends up spreading to the the water, the thing trying to help what was hurting in the beginning. After I took the picture, I edited it in photoshop, and gave it the look of something being covered in plastic. This is because trying to fix someone who is broken is overwhelming and makes the person trying to help feel trapped, like the feeling of being stuck under plastic wrap. I used Photoshop to emphasize the colors in the photo to make the purple and yellow stand out, and the overall effect gives a frozen-in-time-look to represent how in life you only see the outsides of people, and you have freeze time to look deeper into others to see what they need to stay afloat.
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