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Banjo the Snow Crow: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Ethan James (2017)

My comic, Banjo the Snow Crow was inspired from my flash fiction written in English class. The idea originally came from a brainstorming activity and expanded into the foundation for my project. The comic tells the story of a scarecrow with a snowman’s head who struggles to scare away one last crow. In order to turn my idea from a flash fiction into a comic I had to identify the main ideas in my piece. I picked the six most important parts of the story to turn into my comic. To do this I used several tools including Illustrator to trace over my hand drawn comic. I used techniques such as the grid method to transfer my comic from my notepad to a full drawing and finally into the digital comic. The biggest struggle I encountered while creating this piece was making sure each item was on its own layer. This made it much easier to go back and make edits when done correctly.
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