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Brick Squad: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Gerardo Rodriguez (2017)

I wanted to do this about something I liked, but I also wanted it to have a message but also represent my humor. So i chose the Supreme Brick. A little background In the fall of 2016 the brand Supreme released a brick, If you are not familiar with Supreme it is a brand from New York that releases exclusive clothes or different stuff most Thursday's of the year and Kids will line up on Tuesday for the release on Thursday by release day the line can stretch around 4 city blocks, it seems that supreme can release anything if it has supreme on it these Hypebeasts will want it. Supreme proved this by releasing a brick with Supreme on it and sure enough there was a super long line and the brick sold out in seconds. After it was said and done you could check ebay and this brick that was sold for 40$ retail price (which i know is still so much for a freaking brick) was selling for $300-$500 that's one brick for that much I know it's insane. People soon realized that the brick would break really easy and wasn't even half worth the money. So I decided to put my own little twist on this. So this helped me grow by thinking outside the box. Some struggles that I encountered were nobody really understanding what I was doing. I am proud of myself for being able to show people about things they probably didn't know about. If i could change anything I would probably make the brick look like it's worth millions and make it more dramatic. For further projects I will use the skill of thinking about stuff that normally wouldn't be in a story and putting my twist on it. This helped me appreciate others people work because i know how much thought they put into it.
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