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The Bubble: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Hannah Pang (2017)

This comic piece helped me grow in my abilities in Adobe Illustrator as well as story development, which is useful in my future artistic creations. Additionally, my patience and respect for process of art also grew during this project because of all the steps and time that was necessary for producing a product that i was proud of. I was faced with the struggle of perspective, since I decided to take on the challenge and do a bird’s eye view perspective for a panel. Another struggle was shortening my graphic novel to only fit into a couple panels, while maintaining a comprehensive story. However, I overcame these problems with being content with my scenes I chose and and was able to let go of details in my story in order to make the whole piece concise. Also I used reference photos and was not afraid to ask Ms. P for help on my specific perspective panel. If I were to re-do this comic, I would probably make the faces and bodies of the characters all the same artistic style in order for the comic to have a more harmonic visual effect. I am most proud of my color choice and ability to create an entire art piece digitally on the Wacom tablets because I was originally more comfortable just painting and drawing on paper.
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